Scaling your Development Team


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Very good. Well presented and very interesting content covered.

Nice Insight into the workings of a very large dev team.

Great insight, and the casual tone/pace (with interjected audience questions) was refreshing.

Very interesting talk, nice look at the facebook dev processes. I found it particularly interesting when Scott referenced the reasons that different bits of it had been added, as it shows the problems that the processes were designed to solve.

Well presented talk and the live demos were great. Slick delivery style and could have easily carried on listening for another hour.

Fantastic insight into scaling your team. Shiny big Facebook, wow! Cool demos, and excellent and engaging presentation style!

Really interesting! Scott clearly knew what he wanted to present and it came out enthusiastic. Also it was nice to see some code examples and photos of the work environment. :)

For me this was by far the best talk of PHPNW11 and I'm really looking forward to getting hands on with Phabricator and herald when I get back to the office.

It was also nice to get a sneak peak of what happens behind the walls of the mammoth that is Facebook.

Anonymous at 15:40 on 9 Oct 2011

My favourite presentation of the day. Great insight into Facebook and managing a lot of commits! Nice to see actual code examples too!

Great presentation - everybody I spoke to said it was their favourite of the conference - I dont think they are wrong.

Great insight into Facebook; some interesting and practical points that can work with teams large and small. Casual but engaging presentation style and good interaction with audience. Most enjoyable talk of te day.

Great presenter and content, a nice insight into Facebook and big development teams.

Phabulous talk, very interesting. Great to see how Facebook manage the deployment of their changes. Also good to learn about phabricator.

Great slide design, entertaining presentation and live demos were icing on the cake, dispite slight WiFi issue. Really interesting content as it's not often you get to see the internals of a big company in this much technical detail.

Eye-opening and inspiring presentation, and delivered well to boot.

Well delivered insight on how such a large development team work together efficiently

Excellent talk giving some insite into the kind of distributed development and scale I could only dream of putting in place.

A great lessons in openness and sharing. Enthusiastically delivered to boot. Excellent.

Brilliant, inspiring talk. I'm always looking for new ways and tools to improve our development processes and to empower developers, and it looks like Facebook thinks the same ways but has the resources to write the systems themselves, and brilliantly, open source them for the rest of us.

Hope to get the slides and present this to my team during conference slide karoake (hint hint Scott!)

Most people agreed that this was one of the best talks, and with the experience of the speaker and backing of one of the biggest websites in the world that was no surprise. The talk was engaging, the topics consistently interesting and seeing a bit of code, however insignificant, pushed to Facebook in front of us was a great treat for geeks.

Unbelievably engaging and inspiring talk. Wasn't bored for a second. Although was this more the content than the speaker? :)

Excellent talk ! I like the slightly chaotic presentation style Scott has.

Of course it's fascinating to see how a company like Facebook does things. Throwing around crazy numbers always adds to the fascination.

I learned a thing or two about the flow and management behind large development teams that ensure quality regardless of the number of developers on a single code base.

Very interesting and insightful talk.
But the title suggested/implied that it might provide practical tips for other companies to use/follow. It seemed too focused on Facebook and their situation as opposed to general notes for other companies.

Good talk, mostly interesting to see what Facebook do, and a fair amount of it was only applicable to a engineer driven company like Facebook. A few gems in there that I am going to see if I can re-use in my work.

Awesome talk. I think you've managed to get people really interested into Phabricator and the "it's ok to fail" atmosphere in any kind of development environment.

Was really intrigued by the way you deploy on almost a daily basis, going to look further into that way. Thank you for sharing…

Very interesting. We are about to scale our team (not close to Facebook-numbers though), so partially interesting for that. Actually it was more interesting when coming to workflow, which suites us even better, as that is something that we are about to reform as well.

Of coure, almost always interesting to hear how giants do ;)

Amazing talk, in my opinion the best this year. It was great to hear how the giants do it. Scott delivered it perfectly with his usual charisma. Shame it only lasted for an hour, I could easily listen to Scott for hours.

I love hearing how others do it, and it was full of insightful details.

Anonymous at 19:12 on 19 Oct 2011

100% interesting and well presented