Web Services


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This was a great experience and helped me get a better overall understanding. I am hoping to be able to put some of it into practice and learn more as I go, The examples will come in really handy as well so I can just have a good play about with the various services and get into it anew.

My only non-positive view was that the session went quite quickly and I struggled in places, however that said I just need to do my homework and in hindsight never spoke out to slow parts down. I also don't think there is any other way to get so much of value into a small window so a very positive overall.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.

A really good session. Gain some great insight into writing API in the future.

Thanks! =)

A good tutorial which gave a good overall understanding. I like when speaker bring actual code for examples etc. Quite interesting to correct a few missing parts in rest-script as well :)

The session gave me a huge motivation to create API's to better glue our internal resources together, and maybe later easily share them to the public.

Great and straightforward example code. One tip for future talks would be to warn participants to have their vhosts ready, as the time was limited.

Thanks :)