Why you should be using and contributing to OpenStreetMap and not GoogleMaps.


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Good overview of Open Street Map and why open geolocates data is so useful.

Derick gave a nice overview about what OSM is and showed some very interesting activities of the OSM community. He also mentioned some very convincing points why one should use OSM instead of Google Maps.

Great overview of OSM. Definitely something I will be looking at more after the conference. He even waited for me to come back from a rest break :-)

Interesting introduction, for me, to open street maps.

Anonymous at 21:32 on 8 Oct 2011

Excellent talk about OSM - really inspired me to go out and submit data myself.

Useful when it described some of the work being done by the OSM group, but perhaps too disparaging of Google Maps. Sorry Derick: I know you have a strong bias, but a slightly more balanced comparison of the two data sets would have helped.
I felt the most interesting part of the talk was some of the uses that OSM dta is being put to, such as the disability access. I think if the talk had focused more on this type of usage of OSM data, rather than saying how restrictive Google Maps was, it would have been a better talk.... providing parctical, positive examples to demonstrate why we should use OSM is a far better argument against Google Maps than simply being disparaging of the latter.

Great presentation, with some seriously cool real world examples :)

Having seen OSM at previous events, I was curious about the real world applications and after seeing some of the sites where it is being used I think it might be time to switch map providers :-)

This talk was short, and sweet. The speaker managed to fit into a short time span enough information for me to understand that I had been considering the wrong path for a major project I'm working on. Not only that but I made sure that I spent two hours after I got home from the free bar, in conference calls changing the business plan. Not just informational, but inspiring. I'd love to hear him give a longer talk on this.

Made me feel bad for using google maps for phpnw11 site. (sorry) it was a nice clear and concise insight into OSM. Great to see how it was empowering people and how they were using it.

Great talk Derick, we have some really nice ideas for OSM, and it was great to get such an informed and enthusiastic talk. I love you delivery and style, it's almost like you have delivered over 200 talks! ;)

Very persuasive material in favour of OSM. I'll definitely default to checking out OSM in the future when I need mapping functionality because of the points Derick raised. Very entertaining even though he had to fit this into a short timeframe.

Good stuff, really made the case for using OSM over Google Maps. I'm off to look for missing postboxes.

An interesting talk. It was good to see some real life comparisons between google maps and osm, and great to see examples of what others have created using osm. Makes me think what I could use it for...