Building an API with Apigility


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Superb overview of an incredibly powerful product. Easy way to harness the power of Zf2 in a completely intuitive way for creating API's. Well presented Rob, thank you!

Good Tutorial as always. All questions handled with ease.

Talk about apigility basics concepts and how to configure it for a simple REST API. A bit slow at times.
To check if what we were doing was right, automated tests or example curl calls would have been helpful.

Some nice exercises with examples. clear explanations to questions too.

Interesting talk that gave a good overview of Apigility. Very much a tool I'll be looking at using in the future.

Anonymous at 14:00 on 4 Oct 2014

Very good overview and tutorial on Apigility. I found it a little quick and at times too many assumptions were made regarding existing knowledge of paradigms/terms/concepts. Engaging speaker

Rowan Merewood at 15:13 on 4 Oct 2014

Rob makes building an API seen like a serene and peaceful experience. Excellent responses to questions and showed up the clear distinction between standards, what apigility provides, and what the developer is someone for.

Great talk by Rob at #phpnw14.
Now to add HMAC as an authentication method...

Great overview of the tool however due to some of the vendor files for the examples having not copied correctly I did find I got a little behind at times.

This talk was a great introduction and got the point across as to what problem it was trying to solve. Certainly come away with inspiration and an aim to look into this more.

Interesting talk, and well presented, but could do with a little more energy in the presentation to get people a bit more fired up.