Design How Your Objects Talk to Each Other Through Mocking


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Rick Kuipers at 10:11 on 5 Oct 2014

Great eye opener on mocks in BDD. Very informative and clear examples.

Great content and well researched subject, even when I don't agree with the approaches displayed

Superb as always, Konstantin really knows what he's talking about. Very practical examples made it easier to see the benefits of such an approach to software development.

Very well presented and argued points with great examples. Thought provoking.

There was a packed room for this early (9am) Sunday talk and it was well worth getting up for, thanks Konstantin!

This was an excellent talk well worth getting up at 9am for. Konstantin really knows his testing!

This was an excellent talk well worth getting up at 9am for. Konstantin really knows his testing!

Yup, can't think how this could have been improved. Thanks!

Simply the best technical talk I attended at this conference. Very clear, full of good information, and a great lesson in how to notice what the code you're writing is telling you about the code you're writing!

'...You don't test what you don't owe..'. Great, rich in practical examples and techniques

Very useful and practical look at what your tests are telling you about your design. Managed to relate all these test smells back to violations of SOLID principles - very clever. 5.5 stars. Thanks for the talk

Very interesting talk and really good how each of the key points was related back to one of the SOLID principles. Not an approach I've really given much thought to in the past but certainly food for thought

Well paced for the technical level of the talk so that even as a relative newcomer to this style of testing it wasn't over my head.

Good stuff all round.

Enjoyed this talk. Plenty of easy to follow examples and clear principles demystified.

Great talk which has got me thinking about what my tests tell me about the code I'm writing.

A really useful talk, and I can see that mocks can be a very useful tool for software design. More people should be aware of this, as too often I see tests full of mocks because the code is not necessarily designed very well. Seeing examples of violations of the SOLID principles was also very useful.

One of my favourite talks of the weekend, thanks everzet!