Developer Environments with Vagrant and Ansible


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Very useful talk from Michael, he was helpful when any issues came up and the talk was well prepped. Five thumbs up!

Anonymous at 11:12 on 7 Oct 2014

The subject matter was interesting, the tutorial plan reasonable and Michael a really nice guy. However he had trouble keeping everyone on the same page. I expect this is in part due to it being the first running of this tutorial but also due to the system config dependent nature of the software.
Perhaps insist on a specific installation version of Vagrant, Ansible and Virtualbox?

I really enjoyed this tutorial. I was in a group of 5, and I think we all kept up to speed. If one of us failed a step, we could help each other out, or Michael would gladly help - which he did on more than one occasion.

I personally have played with Ansible before, so I have played with most of the content of the tutorial - but I can see how it would be great for someone starting fresh at the subject.

I would have liked a little more on Vagrant - as it was primarily Ansible that we worked with, as it gives much more flexibility - but to go over some of the newer features of Vagrant would have been cool too.

At the end of the talk, we talked about and started implementing some playbooks for one of our projects.