Integrating communities


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Impassioned talk about integrating WordPress community with the PHP as a whole. Well delivered

A really awesome talk by someone who is both invested and committed to the cause. Well worth the understanding and discussion that it generated.

It's all about working together, sharing the knowledge and learning from each other. A great talk. Thanks for sharing :)

A great talk delivered and a very passionate and moving way. Jenny raised valid points and backed them up with solid reasoning. We should all work together to make the projects we love batter!

Great start but we could do with a day long workshop / brainstorm! Good to see people working to make things better and trying to understand different viewpoints.

Every time I see Jenny speak the talk turns out to be a very passionate talk. I learned quite a few lessons during this talk, and will follow up on that when I get back home. Excellent talk, thanks Jenny.

Chris Armitage at 11:08 on 5 Oct 2014

Less of a talk, more of a rallying call. It was good (if a little shameful) to see just how bad the WordPress / general PHP rift is.

Thank you Jenny, I think we're all ready to start taking the steps required to unite our disparate communities (not exclusive to WordPress). +1 for getting a workshop / brainstorm session as a next step.

Completely true that we should unify the communities, point came across really well, and I realise that... Even if sometimes certain technology isn't your taste we can work together as a PHP community still, it is all open source and unity is strong :)

Great talk full of passion. Nothing in there I could imagine anyone disagreeing with. Thanks

Funny and to the point, Jenny raised some serious issues and gave some good solutions. My only qualm is that she didn't have enough time and I'd have liked a longer talk

"United we stand, divided we fall", Jenny made a passionate plea for the community to stop building walls between projects and belittling those who use tools the rest of us "look down" on. This should have been a keynote, not tucked away in an unconference track. I'm just glad the room was standing room only.

The talk was really well delivered and Jenny filled it with solutions to move forward.

Thank you Jenny.

As far as constructive feedback, I think a few things could be improved (but realize that the talk was very good without it):

* Take a breath and slow down a little bit. It wasn't that it was hard to follow, but that it came off almost ranty with the speed. But perhaps that's also what gave it some of its charm and impact...

* Present the slides fully (without showing part of the next on the bottom)

* Keep that passion. It comes across in every talk, and really make it compelling...

Bags of passion, loads of good points.

I'd advise Jenny to have a look at some of the CAMS work done in the Devops community (bringing Devs and Ops together)