PHP 5.NEW: The Best Bits


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Gary Hockin at 11:35 on 4 Oct 2014

A little fast for my taste, but lots of great information presented well.

Good talk and good speaker. Well presented. A good recap on the biggest changes of the last PHP versions.

Steve Guns at 11:52 on 4 Oct 2014

Good talk, indeed a bit fast and harder to follow at times, but definitely tons of useful info!

Great speaker, great talk - still don't quite get generators yet.

A great rundown of PHP's newest bits. I got a little bit lost with traits and yield, but on the whole a very good presentation.


Good presentation, especially liked the traits visualization. for the shorter time slots I'd focus a bit more on the newer stuff though instead of talking about what was new in 5.3 and 5.4

Anonymous at 14:03 on 4 Oct 2014

Interesting content but a lot of assumptions made about existing knowledge re concepts and terminology so I didn't follow all of it.

Chris Armitage at 16:13 on 4 Oct 2014

Nice use of markers on the slides to know which version of PHP was being referenced. It was a bit fast paced for the tech level it contained, and there were a few assumptions (like knowing what GMP was) that made it easy to get lost. And too much time was spent on an edge case / suspected bug in Generators for a talk that was supposed to be an overview.

Probably worth reviewing the video at a slower pace to get more from it.

Brilliant cover of the changes in PHP. clearly not a long enough slot though. would have loved a bit more time.

Good overview of the major bits and bobs from 5.3+ though given 5.3 has hit EOL, more time could have been spent on the later version. Some of the parts could actually have been their own micro-talk, but seemed enough for people interested to go and investigate parts on their own.

As an aside, the slides may be enhanced by providing specific links to the respective documentation pages.

Very informative talk about all the new features in the latest PHP 5 versions. Nicely structured and very well delivered.

Quite a technical talk, but what I missed was a brief explenation of what some of these new features exactly are. Not everyone has a background in C or other language that has things like generators and closures, so if these get introduced in PHP, you should not assume everyone already knows what they are and it's used for (which doesn't always show from a small example).

Interesting talk about these features introduced to php since version 5.3 to version 5.6.

Lots of information in a short period of time - and surprised PHP 5.6 didn't seem to be referenced...Very interesting and excellent presentation, but perhaps too much to cover stopping detailing as to why/how the new sections should be used.

Well delivered and at a good pace.

Another great talk, I was interesting to have an overview of some of the new features to the PHP language in 5.x. It was a lot of information in the talk but i understand that there is lots to learn, I think the pace was good. Plenty of areas for me to read more into and learn.


I never read the release notes for new versions of PHP, but I will from now on! There's so much to get through that it went a little quickly, but now that 5.3 & 5.4 are dead, is it time to drop them from the deck?

Really enjoy Davey's deep dive talks and this was no exception. It was fast/covered a lot, but personally found that OK. I agree that I think you could skip 5.3 (and maybe 5.4), and spend a bit more time on the newer, harder concepts. The detailed explanation of generators and yield was helpful, and (I think) I got a lightbulb moment about what they are and how they work. However, I left asking 'why would I want to use them?', and I think that'd be a really useful addition (if you could skip earlier versions). It wouldn't necessarily need code samples, but some ideas about when and why you might use traits, generators etc. compared to other approaches would be really useful. (And "I can't think of why you'd want to use this" would be a valid answer, but then perhaps could open up to the floor?)

Great speaker and a very good talk as well. The talk covered a lot of ground and Davey did a great job in explaining new features and why and when you would want to use them.
Thought it went a bit fast at times and I would have wanted a bit more detail at some of the examples (especially the generators)

Am really in awe of the seemingly effortless way you are able to present complicated technical problems and solutions.

I think this was aimed a bit more at the complete novice PHP developer as anyone who uses PHP with anger day-to-day would have known the majority of this anyway. But regardless of that it was well presented and informative.

Anonymous at 12:12 on 6 Oct 2014

a good talk but this talk should have been at last years conf as discussed standard stuff now. i was hoping more for the release candidate features

A good talk with lots of interesting nuggets about recent version of PHP. We've even got yield now !

Maybe my expectations were wrong when entering this talk, but to me it felt like a summary of the PHP 5.x patch notes since 5.2.

Most of this content has been covered in talks spanning the last 3-4 years, and the practical applications of these new features were very much skimmed over. (There was a lot to fit into the allocated time, so no choice but to skim them)

I think if Davey revises this talk, it would be nice to focus on the more recent changes, and how these "best bits" can make differences to peoples daily toil with practical examples, interesting quirks, pitfalls to avoid etc.

The speaker is clearly passionate and well informed, but personally I'm not so responsive to fact after fact being reeled off a list.

In summary, I think a narrower scope with examples of how people can directly use the improvements in their own code right now, would have been nicer. A taster/teaser of what has already been implemented for PHP 7 would also have been nice to round-off with.

Great overview littered with strong opinion on all the latest from php. Also, great slides!

Really enjoyed the talk. Would have wished stuff from PHP5.3 and PHP5.4 wasn't in it and more time was spent on use cases for PHP5.5 and PHP5.6 features. Its nice knowing features but what would be amazing is knowing how these new things improve our current code. Loved the enthusiasm!

Great talk by a passionate speaker that covered a lot of ground.

I think that in the future maybe skip some parts to make it slower and focus on less content. Try to never skip slides, it confuses people and they feel like they are missing out, I'd rather have some extra "Bonus content" that the crowd would not know about after your thank you slide.

Other than that, amazing and thanks :)

Good talk and the pace was about right for me (though that's perhaps because I already knew about some of the bits). Appreciate some people may have been using the 5.3/4 stuff for a while and only wanted the newer bits, but for those of us stuck on 5.3 (and who only get to go to conferences every few years) it was good to see.

Will hopefully provide some ammunition for those pushing to upgrade our versions at work too :)

Fast paced, brilliant material but some of the assumptions about pre-existing knowledge of certain things meant that it wasn't always clear what was being explained.

Still, it was a fantastic talk.

Great talk nice to see some examples of the new features in the later php versions generators, traits especially.

I struggled with this talk somewhat. Some of the code examples (i.e. generators) wasn't clear to me and could have been delivered better.

I wasn't too keen how Davey opened by telling us that he didn't like bullet point presentations and then continued to present it in that style. It felt a bit like a bash to the way others present and really isn't necessary.

Interesting, but I didn't get why I'd *want* to use any of these new features. Just about everything covered can already be done in other ways, perhaps more clearly.

Liked the design of the slides which meant that I can go over them later and see bullet points containing what was said, but were skipped during the presentation.

The talk was quite quick, but I guess it had to be due to the time constraints. More time was spent on the newer features which makes sense. It was a good recap over some of the new features which I've forgotten/wasn't quite aware of how worked. The examples of usage were helpful.

Good talk, thanks!

Gavin Taylor at 20:42 on 9 Oct 2014

I like talks like this, people always assume they know all the new features of a release so skip them but there's always something that slipped past you.

a good topic to start the conference off.