PHP: Under The Hood


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An interesting thought provoking talk. Much to consider on how simple changes to code could improve performance, let along just using a newer version of PHP to help!

The talk was well presented and the slides excellent to help guide the talk

Martyn Ranyard at 14:01 on 5 Oct 2014

Excellent talk if a little heavy for a 9am slot.

A good talk, even if it was the hangover slot.

Great talk, very interesting and insightful.

Interesting talk, though delving into the innards of PHP is possibly better suited to a half-day tutorial rather than a one hour time-slot. It is heavy material, and a short summary doesn't always do it justice, or allow the time for it all to sink in.... but a conference talk can often be just a taster to spur us on to our own investigations... the brief interactions with Sarah at the back of the room did add a certain degree of amusement to it all

Another great talk by Davey, although I enjoyed this one much more than his previous talk PHP5.NEW as this one was of a much higher level technically. I have (or should I say had) very little understanding of how PHP's opcache and compiler actually operated until this talk. However, now I feel much more prepared and empowered to actually go out and take a look at what my code is actually doing behind the scenes. Thanks.

I really enjoyed this talk. It was easy enough to follow although you've covered some interesting points on internals.

I really enjoyed this talk, perfect to get my brain back up and running after the one or few beverages the night before.

I probably would have swapped this talk with Daveys Saturday one tho as it would have appealed to a few more people I think not being the hangover slot.

I think it's rare that it's going to be useful as bottlenecks are usually elsewhere, but this is something I personally find fascinating. Agree with just about everyone else, this talk shouldn't have been scheduled for 9 on Sunday!

Given the hangover slot, Davey did a great job presenting rather technical content in a clear fashion. It might not have been for everyone, but it was nice to go back to my university days.