Practical Refactoring


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Introduction on refactoring. Given the title I was expecting some more practical examples.

Stefan is a really good speaker. You feel He knows what is talking about.

The title made me expect something a bit more advanced than an intro to refactoring. Would have preferred longer examples with more advanced concepts.

Chris Armitage at 17:20 on 4 Oct 2014

Standing-room only shows it's a popular topic. The "Practical" in the topic may have been a bit misleading: not so much "here are technical examples" but "here how to go about it in a sensible, business orientated way". Great if you need to sell management on a refactoring project.

It did get a little heavy going towards the end, but I'm putting that partly down to the lack of ventilation in that room. Stuffy rooms post-lunch are not a good idea.

Anonymous at 11:25 on 5 Oct 2014

The content of the talk was a great introduction to refactoring and the speaker presented the material in a concise manner. However I was hoping for more advanced concepts with the title including the word "practical", rather than just an introduction to the topic

Thanks Stefan, talks based on personal experience are always the best :)

I think the part about Why and When dragged a little bit. I also think the talk should have been called Intro to Refactoring as there weren't much practical examples. It was a good talk overall and someone the examples and the end it make it interesting. The advice was pretty good as well and well received.

Really useful talk about how to approach refactoring a legacy project into something neater, and where to draw the line and decide better beats perfect.

Would have been nice to see more examples of actual refactoring tips, as it was a little less "practical" than I imagined from the title.

Overall though a good talk by a great speaker.

Thanks Stefan

I thoroughly enjoyed Stefan's talk - he is clearly gifted for presenting. There was a good balance to the informative and humour and I walked away feeling I'd learned something. My only suggestion is that it could have used more examples, but otherwise the slides were timed nicely.