What a Hack!


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An excellent talk. Sara is a lively speaker and the talk was well presented with focused slides and good examples.

Nothing truly to add an excellent talk overall covering lots of features and other useful things.

I'm definitely going to be giving HHVM a go,

Very entertaining and informative talk.

Steve Guns at 13:33 on 4 Oct 2014

Still trying to get my hair back to normal from the speedy ride. The talk itself was very informative and funny. Loved the energy. You should do something about that cold though, so much sneezing, can't be good :)

Good talk. It leaves you with the need to try both HHVM and Hack.
The only thing that could be better was the speed, maybe to much information for the time of the talk.

Great topic, very interesting.

The best talk I've attended in some time. I liked the delivery, although it was fast it gave the talk a feeling of energy and excitement.

If you need me I'll be in an internet connected cave, rewriting every php project I've ever written to use HHVM and hack. kthxbi.

Billie Thompson at 14:56 on 4 Oct 2014

great talk, going to go and try HHVM and Hack now

Rowan Merewood at 15:15 on 4 Oct 2014

Infectious enthusiasm broke down a super complicated topic into easily suggested chunks.

Rich Sage at 15:48 on 4 Oct 2014

Still catching my breath! But Sara's presentation and delivery was excellent and kept me attentive throughout. You've definitely broken down some barriers for me in terms of using HHVM, and the descriptions of the Hack-specific features sound great :)

Lee Boynton at 18:32 on 4 Oct 2014

Made HHVM very accessible and the benefits of which very clear. Lively and enjoyable talk :-)

Sold me on using HHVM, shame I have CentOS servers so sounds like a bit (not very much) work to setup.

Great talk and speaker. High energy & very inspiring!

I'm sold after the talk, gonna try HHVM/Hack for sure, and soon! Sara is a blast to listen to, funny and full of information at the same time.

Knowledgeable and passionate speaker. Has a great sense for both communities (PHP and HHVM) and emphasised not to take everything at face value and try for yourself. Good advice and if the other comments are anything to go by, well received.

Anonymous at 11:32 on 5 Oct 2014

Great talk, very interesting and passionate speaker and the material was well presented! Definitely inspired me to take a more detailed look at hack / hhvm

If you ever want to learn about HHVM/Hack, what better person to hear it from than Sara. Energetic, amusing and informative - and importantly, inspirational. There was a lot of stuff covered!

Very much enjoyed, Sara speaks so well, and Hack is an interesting topic, thanks Sara.

A great topic, Sara was entertaining, and I look forward to playing with HHVM and Hack soon.

A passionate and well delivered talk. It's great hearing from people directly involved in a project. Will be giving HHVM a good go soon.

Sara is an amazing speaker who managed to inspire me with her great enthusiasm. Loved this talk informative and whity, one of the best talks I attended at this conference. Thanks for that <3 :)

A great talk by Sara. So passionate about HHVM and Hack that I just have to give it a go with our projects

Really interesting topic, superbly delivered. Just the right balance of higher level 'overview' and more nitty gritty detail.

This is a question that's occurred to me since: would it be possible to write a 'de-hackificator'? Without actually having thought about it properly, it seems to me it might be easier to go back the other way, from hack to vanilla php. If so, I think that might give people concerned about "the future" some comfort.

Absolutely inspiring talk, so much passion and information conveyed in such a short time.

Great introduction to HHVM

A highly technical topic and a highly technical speaker. The combination of which came together really well to provide a very well presented and informative talk.

Extremely informative.
Very interesting.
Delivered very well.
Fantastic talk.

This is the first time I've seen Sara talk, and I'm really glad I had the opportunity to do so.

I've not been tempted by HHVM yet, and I went to the talk under the false impression that Hack was not yet production ready. How wrong I was, I think the graph showed around 96% adoption across Facebooks production servers?

Seriously impressed, I think Hack is turning out to be what I want from PHP. It would be selfish to try and force PHP to be what it's not, even more selfish to try and fork PHP and make it do what I want (resonating Anthonys keynote).

Definitely going to make time for this.

Really informative and entertaining! Lovely presentation and really nice experience. Really sold the hhvm and I'm going to try it out on a few projects!

One of the more interesting talks of the weekend for me. I have to admit, I was more interested in the features of hack, and would have enjoyed a gentle introduction rather than the intricacies of the compiler as it was way over my head, but well delivered.

While the pace was a bit too fast (for me at least), there was so much material to cover. You could easily split this into two really fascinating talks.

This has certainly whetted my appetite for Hack, it sounds so much better than vanilla PHP.

an interesting talk, well presented, looking forward to giving HHVM a try, if I cant get it to work on my CentOS server :)

I thoroughly enjoyed Sara's talk. Despite not knowing too much about the topic prior to the talk, I thought the pace was good - a lot was covered in the time and I certainly left feeling educated and excited about Hack and HHVM.