Building Modern APIs in PHP


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A very enjoyable and really useful tutorial on APIs.

Found particularly useful the balance between theory on APIs as well as the hands on examples.

The list of composer packages is really, really nice too! :)

This tutorial could have done with being about a week longer ;)

Interesting talk with a lot of code.
Would have benefited with more time but it's something I'm looking forward to continuing on with in my own time.

Really good and useful session. Rob really knows his way around Slim.

Will continue to look into Slim and quite possibly use it to create a number of API's with it.

Sunil Duggal at 18:04 on 1 Oct 2016

I really enjoyed this, nice API building using slim framework

Excellent discussion on how to use Slim (3) for creating easy to write, lightweight API's. Made the point that API's need not be complex; in fact with FastRoute powering the routing system behind Slim, you can really make a high-speed, clean URI API for use in almost any project with very little work.

Rob is obviously very knowledgeable about Slim, combined with his easy approach to teaching his subject this made for a very worthwhile and enjoyable sessions.