Queues with RabbitMQ


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Ben Marks at 10:40 on 2 Oct 2016

Expert presentation of a big topic. Broken up very well into digestible bits with thorough explanation.

In true Lorna style this talk was really informative but light hearted. Now planning already to use RabbitMQ for one of the projects I am working on.

Gareth Ellis at 11:11 on 2 Oct 2016

I liked the broad overview approach with examples of how queues could be implemented. Lorna also foresaw my main concern with the section dealing with long-running consumers/workers, which was cool!

Tom de Bruin at 11:14 on 2 Oct 2016

Really enjoyed the talk - great overview and potential pain points covered. It would have been nice to see a working example, either live demo (!) or prerecorded to show it all working

David Carr at 11:39 on 2 Oct 2016

I found this talk really useful, I have no prior knowledge of queues. I'll be looking to leverage these in my applications going forward. The presentation was very clear and easy to follow. It would have been great to see it in action.

Chris Noden at 12:32 on 2 Oct 2016

Having used RabbitMQ for about 5 years I didn't learn much that was new (didn't know they now had DLQ, I must update) other than the (bloody obvious, why don't I do it already) single dependency rule for workers. Great talk.

Rich Sage at 14:27 on 2 Oct 2016

Having just pushed out a beanstalkd solution based on a talk from last year's PHPNW conference, I came along to this talk to hear how RabbitMQ does it - and as usual with Lorna's talks I came away with lots more ideas, details and knowledge around queueing in general as well as the RabbitMQ-based detail. Well presented, just the right amount of information, and I'll definitely be considering RabbitMQ for future use.

Scott Dutton at 14:43 on 2 Oct 2016

Great talk! Some interesting uses of RabbitMQ. Wish there was something on the PECL extension though as the last time I tried a userland AMQP PHP implementation, there were real performance issues. Not sure if this has been resolved yet though.

Dave Redfern at 17:24 on 2 Oct 2016

Good talk, well delivered covered the main bases. Great that the slides and sample code is available.

A very enthusiastic and fun talk on Queues and their use. Very well presented, thanks

First of all: I'm very vey sorry for coming in late.

I only saw part of the presentation because of this, but what I saw was entertaining, informative and well balanced. Just enough information to know what problems you can solve without information overload. Solid 5.

Craig Patrick at 08:01 on 3 Oct 2016

Good presentation of an amazing tech, confidently delivered as usual by Lorna

I learned about a new technology, how I could use it and in which situations it could be useful. Also learned how to do it, what common pitfalls to be aware of and how it differs from the normal way we write apps. Made me want to start coding on it right away. I also laughed a lot.
Can't think of what I'd want more out of a technical talk. Excellent really.

Excellent as always, clear, concise, and the content was spot on