The World Beyond MySQL


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Chris Noden at 15:46 on 1 Oct 2016

Struggled with some of the tasks, but enjoyed the top-level introductions into each technology. I'll definitely be exploring CouchDB and PostreSQL further (with less fear).

Sunil Duggal at 18:05 on 1 Oct 2016

Really good and energetic speaker, very very helpful indeed!

Dave Redfern at 22:32 on 1 Oct 2016

I enjoyed the session despite a few VM issues (vbox image, VMWare Fusion on my machine) and simply used brew for everything (next, time a Vagrantfile would be better). Postgres was annoying to get setup (no default postgres user via brew), it's different enough from MySQL to not be as straight forward as it should be and while the 2 features highlight some of the benefits, I think the time would have been better spent with CouchDB... which was much harder going than I expected, largely because it is so different. Definitely an interesting technology, and it will be good to see V2 and the replication features.

I think there was a missed opportunity to consider the circumstances where you might consider NoSQL over SQL. Could likely do with more time just on this topic.

Another session could take a look at RethinkDB and OrientDB or maybe a full session just on Postgres, covering setup, users, schemas etc. Would be good to know more about how to configure, profile and optimise Postgres.