Talk comments

Elliot Ward at 16:22 on 10 Jan 2016

Great content - I was surprised how much I took away from this talk despite the fact I am already self-employed. Toby would benefit from watching a video of himself talking - I suspect he isn't aware of how many times he ums and laughs nervously while presenting.

Could possibly do with an intro (summary, "tell them what you're going to tell them") and a remote click thing to advance
+ moving, engaging, rhythm
+ readable slides, nice and clear (The white slides were very readable, the grey ones a bit less)
+ examples, realistic tips and practical advice
Maybe slide footer with name/twitter handle and/or date/year
+ keep going after interruptions
+ allowing feedback during presentation without losing control
+ humour
+ using previous slides and feedback during talk
+ focussed examples (not including specific clients/products, but focussing on the topic)

Daniel Shaw at 13:29 on 7 Jan 2016

Really interesting content, with information and tips for both people considering going self-employed, and for those who are already on the journey. Toby talks about a lot of topics in depth; clearly Toby has thought about this a lot, and is enthusiastic about passing on his thoughts.

A great usergroup talk, as the talk brought up a lot of discussion points within the group, and it was really good to hear other people's experiences.

My only criticism is that Toby didn't look very comfortable in front of a room of (a lot of) people, but it didn't detract from the talk at all: I look forward to seeing this talk (and Toby's experience) progress and be presented in more places, as I think it should.

David Makin at 08:40 on 7 Jan 2016

Full of lots of infomation. Not totally convinced me I want to have the hassle of branching out on my own and having to go though the whole networking process but it did help me understand the whole process a lot more and would give me a good starting point.

A very good talk. Full of useful information.