Whenever you are faced with a problem it is normal to try to find a generic solution and then you implement that solution in code. But some problems might be too complex to solve by humans (and even engineers). Imagine you are a traveling salesman, about to visit 10 cities in Europe. You can visit them in any order. What’s the cheapest route? To find this out, we could use dynamic programming to let the computer solve the problem for us and just give us a result.


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Nemanja Maric at 22:43 on 27 May 2018

Such a great speaker, very easy to listen.

Tobias spiced the conference with math and algorithms. Liked it a lot even if I am not into graph DBs at the moment

First I though - who is going to talk about DP more then 2 minutes, it's all clear. But then I was nicely surprised that the talk was actually about some basic graph theory and how DP is used in some famous algorithms. It was interesting indeed.

Overall great talk and introduction to graph theory and it's application in computing.

Miro Svrtan at 10:39 on 29 May 2018

I really love talks that takes us out of our comfort zone and this one was brilliantly done.

Thank you Tobias!

Arnout Boks at 07:43 on 1 Jun 2018

Good to see some CS topics like this being treated at conferences. Great talk, and the animations really help to get the message across.