High-Speed Modern Web Apps with PHP & AMF


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Amazing, amazing, amazing! Loved it!

Well presented, great talk.

Very entertaining talk about AMF. Especially because I used AMF way back when doing Actionscript stuff.

It is awesome to see locals being innovative and coming up with awesome new things. I can't wait for AMF to mature so that we can adopt it for our projects. Your presentation was excellent and very interesting.

Had the pleasure of working with this guy for a while, but this was the first time I see him up on a stage. Very well presented and can't wait to get my hands on the repo. Now to start looking for excuses to use AMF.

Hi fives bro, was totes flippen lank bra.

Umm, sorry, was really great dude, entertaining, well delivered and concise. I think the examples were good and the demo was great. We need to fill the gap, so even if AMF turns out not to be the answer, at least you had a go.


Seldom do speakers present topics both interesting and almost completely unheard of. Would dig to see you continue with this tech to the point where someone takes it on a their baby. Definitely potential in this format.

This was definitely a talk I was looking forward to. Danny brought something completely new to the conference (and was even confident enough for live demos). Something that benefits all of us in the PHP development community. Now I've gotta run. Need to place with AMF some more.