Puppet, phing, composer... done...


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Anonymous at 11:27 on 4 Apr 2014

Good talk. Your English is very good!

It must have been extremely daunting giving a presentation in a English when its not your first language. I would recommend finding out what the Linux commands actually do when you are using them in your presentation though. In my opinion, the presenter should have a certain amount of knowledge about the information that is being presented, even if its just enough to explain what the command is doing.

Anonymous at 18:11 on 5 Apr 2014

Excellent talk. Thanks for sharing. Your english is very good!

great tutorial, really enjoyed it

Well done Nick - I would not have guessed that this was your first non-English presentation!

You did a great job, especially considering it's not your primary language. Might want to slow it down a little - the is a massive amount of detail in the talk.