As far as most CI tools go online in the beginning of 2017, The feature set versus the price for them are very much out of balance. This is the story about how we set out to build such a tool to solve our team's problems, open source it, manage the community and use it internally between teams. This talk covers the building, testing and rollout of this tool (that is as of yet still nameless), the community building around it and supporting other teams with it.


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Etienne Marais (Speaker) at 09:51 on 28 Sep 2017

Link to slides for upcoming talk later today. []

Link to github project for resources lists and notes []

Matt Vosloo at 14:34 on 28 Sep 2017

Interesting talk. I would have liked to see more points up on the presentation to follow.

A very interesting talk indeed.

Although Slack is just a chat tool to some, Ettiene and the guys over at Superbalist have taken it to a whole new level by using it as an internal support mechanism, an overseer and monitoring tool of the status and health of all running applications, servers and more.

What I took away from this talk is that sometimes you can make really good use of a relatively simple tool by supercharging it and making it work for you, in more ways that one!

Lefu at 21:26 on 28 Sep 2017

I liked the talk, and seeing the subject line may have given me a wrong idea.

I thought there would be practical or more hands on type of presentation. i.e showing me how easy it is to replace a "flat tyre" with your tool(s) has more effect than telling me about the process one takes. basically I would have preferred seeing the tool in action.

Still good talk.

This talk was interesting but I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. Although it was interesting to hear and some interesting ideas were put forward (like their usage of Slack) I just expected more topics to be covered based on the name of this talk and blurb.

My last criticism is that the slides are too "boring", when they just contain one word each for most of them, it wasn't easy to maintain my attention span, bullet points would be appreciated :)

Jonathan Page at 09:54 on 29 Sep 2017

Interesting story, although I felt there could have been more prep and some work on getting the stories/presentation to flow from one slide to another.

I would have also preferred the advertised talk or to have known ahead of time to evaluate which track to attend.

Musa at 10:09 on 29 Sep 2017

I enjoyed the talk and it was straight to the point and relevant

The presentation was informative however I would encourage the speaker to avoid reciting a script and rather just bullet point notes for yourself to "riff" off of next time. If there wasn't a script then perhaps just practice a bunch till it comes out naturally.

I also agree that perhaps more real world examples instead of just the abstract description might have been more informative. Something I have learned from my own talk as well.

B Nxumalo at 09:09 on 2 Oct 2017

To be fair I didn't really relate to this topic, I think the title was a bit misleading, I was looking forward to CI and CD details and usage (practical).

For the most part the voice projection wasn't catchy.

But I appreciated the openness(Internal struggle and day-2-day challenges) and the contribution especially to Open-source

Otherwise much appreciated, and thank you.