What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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Lauren Els at 19:37 on 29 Sep 2017

Absolutely INVALUABLE Arsenal to the budding dev or tech guru and dare I say... Even Marketer. This is definitely the best time I have spent this year. Members were incredibly helpful and welcoming. Left this event feeling empowered, having met some really amazing people. Coming from a general skeptical critic, This is one few can beat.

Musa at 13:13 on 29 Sep 2017

I enjoyed all the presentation and almost everything was relevant the food was very nice. There isn't a lot of things that I found that needed to be changed. the venue was great the presenters were awesome though in a few presentations you felt like it was too basic to come and hear it on a global platform.

I was also happy that there were women represented.

[cross-post from the chatbots workshop]

I don't have any meaningful criticisms of the workshop, but I do have a comment about the venue. It seems like the head-count wasn't matched to the number of chairs in the room; so a few people had to wait for quite a while to get seats and table-tops to work on. I get that there can be a certain number of people one assumes will give the workshops a miss, and that having to bring new chairs in isn't the end of the world; but the venue took so long to do it that they were making distracting table set-up noises 40 minutes into the talk. That's distracting for the speaker (who did a great job of concentrating nonetheless) and attendees trying to join in and/or concentrate on the workshop.

I believe it's the first time the conference is at this venue, so it's natural to have some first-time issues; and I want to stress that I don't think the conference or speaker could have done any better here. Purely a venue-related thing.