From a R400 million project crashing in a final demo to spending R240 000 by triple sending sms's. From breaking changes in a live stream demo to releasing too early and getting 1-star bombed in the app store. Some nightmare stories and why you should be testing and specific tests you need to do before any demo or launch


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B Nxumalo at 12:37 on 28 Sep 2017

Great stuff

U PARKER at 13:20 on 28 Sep 2017

Very insightful.

Matt Vosloo at 14:26 on 28 Sep 2017

Fun talk. Speaker has great knowledge and I will apply some of these ideas.

Lefu at 21:42 on 28 Sep 2017

great talk,

I think it was great to learn about so many types of testing, I am not sure if I expected the wrong things here but I would have liked to see the processes like you mention tests scenarios - that you or someone has taken to do testing and what you should be testing for. I do understand again that there are different depths that can be delved into when testing - this is subjective. however I can still remember most of what was asked and the talk it self, so good job!