Composer the right way


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Very nicely presented and clear talk. Picked up a few things i can bring back to my team, thanks :)

Finally got to see this talk! Good confirmation to me that we're doing the right thing.
Clear slides that explain the do's and don'ts of composer.

Although you already have a lot of content, maybe when the slot is longer, you can also explain the additional composer installers do's & don'ts to be feature complete.

This talk has helped me to understand how to use Composer the right way - abusing it less, using best practices more, and helping me to use it as effectively as possible in a team, with a variety of new and useful hints and tips. Rafael engaged with the audience and delivered this talk effortlessly. Thanks Rafael :)

Enjoyed this. Just the right amount of technical knowledge, some known, some new. Well delivered.

I learned a lot

Lee Boynton at 20:36 on 20 Jul 2015

Well presented, loved the graphics on the slides and the composer install or update quiz. The composer licenses command was useful as I wasn't aware of it.

Thanks Rafael!

Rob Wilson at 22:21 on 20 Jul 2015

Very well presented, and a couple of things cleared up in my head regarding composer. Well done Rafael :)

Very seasoned presented and knowledge packed talk. Would add a mention of Construct (Cli command for generating a basic PHP project structure) and the PHP package checklist when showing what goes into package.

Can you add the slides sometime?

This talk was great - Rafael had good knowledge of the subject and made it easy to understand for all. Also got the audience involved. Was a pleasure to hear him speak!

Finally got to see this talk :) It was great, although too bad there wasn't enough time to properly explain and give examples of toran and satis.
Rafael always has a way to make a situation feel personal and the examples in this talk were no different.

Did a good job explained the key concepts behind using composer and packagist. Could potentially include more on Satis and Toran Proxy.

A well thought out, well put together talk. The slides were clear, specific, and properly reinforced what was being communicated. The talk articulated some of the important aspects of composer, such as how to apply semantic versioning correctly.