Parallel PHP


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Matt Cockayne at 10:49 on 18 Jul 2015

an informative introduction to using threading in PHP

Mark Baker at 10:57 on 18 Jul 2015

Managed to cover a lot of ground for a lightning talk, and managed to convey some good advice, despite being the briefest of overviews.... would love to see it as a full length talk (phpnw15 perhaps).... though code on slides is never a good idea until you can read the slides online

Very quick, but insightful.
Did feel a little like a series of bullet points, but well interspersed with amusing comments.

Anonymous at 21:04 on 18 Jul 2015

Good talk on parallel PHP, cleared up the usage of some terms & has a great sense of humour.

Fair amount of it went over my head but it's made me more aware of things I didn't realise could be done with PHP so I can research on it separately. Couldn't expect in-depth explanations in such a short period of time.

Mark Bradley at 07:46 on 19 Jul 2015

Great introduction to threading in php.

I have not needed to use it yet but I will now spend some time having a play with the extention

A really nice introduction to PHP Parallels, as a lightning talk it was never going to be in depth but I think explaining when (or specifically when not to) use Parallels is the best advice this talk could have given.

My only criticism would be the text on the slides was a little on the small side.

I thoroughly enjoyed this talk by Joe. It was a great overview of Parallel PHP with a nice injection of humour. I'd love to see a full length talk on it at some point!

Exceptional talk. Really insightful and a great way to introduce Parallel PHP.

A very short overview on threading in PHP with PThreads, but I was expecting more "hands-on" examples by the author of the extension.

Presentation was actually great. Content was a good intro, perfect for a lightning talk slot, and real scope as others have said to be extended into a full in-depth talk with real-world use cases.

Some tips for your next talk:
* Try not to look at the slides 1) it distracts and 2) with a static mic, you go quiet when you turn away
* Repeat audience questions if they do not have a mic

I look forward to seeing more talks from Joe, as this really showed promise.

Good talk, great delivery. As somebody who's recently took a dive into using it, I expected more hands-on examples or example cases where threads are the way to go.

I'm a big fan of Joe. He's extremely honest, I love his anti-guff approach to technology. He says it as he see's it. I completely appreciate his message of "multi-threading is unlikely to solve your problem" and a detailed list of what you shouldn't try and do with threads. Overall it was a good introduction to a tool that people should be aware of (and may even find useful).

I think there was some assumed knowledge. He could have detailed exactly what a thread is, why they're dangerous and why we tend to avoid using a ton of them. Maybe it would have lost more of the audience than gained, who knows. Either way, the technical stuff is why I attend these things. It creates a buzz and gets people thinking. So thank you Joe, I hope to see your massive beard in the spotlight again soon.

Great introduction to threading. Good content. As per some of the other comments, would of liked some more practical examples. Handled the QA part at the end very well.

Good intro talk, nice humorous touches, slides need work to be readable more than a few rows back.

Anonymous at 05:21 on 1 Oct 2015

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