Teaming up Backbone.js and the new WordPress API


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Tristan Bailey at 14:42 on 18 Jul 2015

Some good thought and looking at the changes coming to core vrs this addon

This was a very good overview of the WP-API, where it was, and where it was going. Good information with source code sprinkled in liberally.

Anonymous at 21:16 on 18 Jul 2015

A good overview of the WP-API project. Personally I felt the talk was let down by the divergence into Titanium - perhaps a longer look into WP-API, with "vanilla" example of Backbone integration would've worked better?

But overall very well presented, enjoyed it :)

A nice step by step introduction to a technical topic, code samples were well explained.

Great introduction to the WP-API and some good examples of how this can be linked in with native applications. Would have loved to see something said on API authentication but what was there was great!

I enjoyed the talk a lot, it's definitely made me think about using Wordpress as the backend for a side project I'm working on. I wasn't expecting the Titanium stuff but that's my own fault for not reading the abstract.

I wasn't familiar with the material so I struggled a bit, but it has given me some stuff to research and think about.

Such a difficult topic to tackle because so much work is currently being done on the WP REST API project...globally I really joined seeing the practical application: the idea for the pet project and why the different components were chosen to tackle the problem. I did, however, find the talk difficult to follow for several reasons:
-The pace was a bit slow
-Things were explained and then we were told to then forget everything because obsolete :)
-I was expecting more talk on backbone.js because of the title (though again, interesting to hear how and why different pieces were chosen and worked together)

Rob Wilson at 22:28 on 20 Jul 2015

An excellent talk by Jeroen, and detailed some very interesting things around the wordpress API. Well done :)

Great talk & well presented. Would've liked more information on Backbone and less on Titanium but still opened my eyes up to what you can do with WordPress outside of the 'standard' web sites.

This talk gave a good overview of the WP-API & demoed an neat example implementation using Titanium + Backbone.JS.

I would have liked a few more examples of where this would be a solid choice for a production site, as I did leave the talk feeling while WP-API was neat, I'd always opt to build an API using an MVC framework like Laravel or Symphony2.