You’ve used Composer so many times now, but how deep is your understanding of your dependencies? Can you get yourself out of every tricky situation? This talk will cover a broad range of dependency management subjects: From assessing the risk, e.g. through BC breaks, introduced into your business critical code by third party software, all the way to hand-on tips for working with composer in the real world, e.g. what to do if composer.lock conflicts during a merge, when your colleagues and you modified dependencies in different ways.


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Andrew Rota at 14:40 on 9 Jun 2017

Great real-world examples illustrating the importance of properly managing dependencies (and thus, managing risk) in your technology stack.

Sean Wallis at 12:44 on 10 Jun 2017

Nils covered a lot. The talk was structured really well and gave useful examples. It did a great job of picking up on things that developers like myself hadn't considered or may have missed. Really beneficial and clearly explained. Thanks Nils

Mark Railton at 16:26 on 10 Jun 2017

Great talk on how to better manage your applications dependencies with composer.

Katy Ereira at 20:18 on 10 Jun 2017

I really liked the idea of managing risk and I've learned a lot more about being careful when it comes to dependency management. We often take these kinds of things for granted, but we probably shouldn't! Thanks Nils.

Tim Stamp at 20:41 on 10 Jun 2017

Nice approach to showing the importance of version and update management, and how to fix composer lockfile update conflicts. Good job!

Chris Emerson at 22:29 on 10 Jun 2017

I really enjoyed this talk - it gave me loads to think about when using both composer packages, and making use of other kinds of dependencies too

Peter Fisher at 23:07 on 10 Jun 2017

I have seen this talk before and it was as good as the first time I saw it.

Very clear and informative.

Gary Jones at 22:58 on 11 Jun 2017

If only managing dependencies WAS just about doing a "composer update"!

Nils touched on the multiple aspects that developers should consider, covering the risks and how to minimise them. Well presented and engaging.

Naomi Gotts at 19:30 on 12 Jun 2017

Really well structured talk covering key areas of risk and approaches to reducing this in relation to managing dependencies. Learnt a few new composer commands too, well worth attending!

Good to mention the risks and how to manage them. Some developers are all too keen to require a package without checking how actively it's developed, what license (if any it has), etc.

Neil Nand at 22:54 on 15 Jun 2017

Good talk on things to consider around composer outside of the commands.

Very informative and well-paced talk.