Talk comments

Also, slides are now available from this page in the links at the top.

Thank you for the feedback, I plan to expand the talk to 45 minutes at the Dutch PHP Conference and this will be very helpful.

Mike Simonson at 09:51 on 20 Jun 2017

very good talk

Marcus Deglos at 19:24 on 18 Jun 2017

A super, engaging talk from a polished expert. It was really useful to hear about some of the new identity tools making their way into browsers, and how identity-management is starting to merge across web and native applications. It's always great to come away from a talk with inspiration, and there's a lot from this that I intend to implement across my projects. Look forward to seeing some of the newer standards get more widespread support!

Marcus Deglos at 19:24 on 18 Jun 2017

Great explanation, with lots of actionable information. Really useful to see the RFCs referenced during the talk.
Very technology-agnostic; recommended viewing for anyone involved in designing or building an API.

James Titcumb at 11:01 on 16 Jun 2017

Well presented, great content. I learnt stuff, which is the right idea I suppose.

James Titcumb at 10:59 on 16 Jun 2017

I'm biased, but it was great. Laser Quest was of course the best (thanks Roave!)

James Titcumb at 10:57 on 16 Jun 2017

I was really looking forward to this. It was thought-provoking (maybe a bit dark heh), but that was a great end to the conference IMO. Chris is an excellent speaker, and this was a very well delivered and timed talk. Top notch stuff.

James Titcumb at 10:53 on 16 Jun 2017

James is the best. What an absolute legend.

Great talk. Well-paced, engaging with the audience and both entertaining and informative. A great talk to have at the end of the second day. Thanks!