I am testing, therefore I code. Let's talk about testing PHP code in Belgrade, Serbia.

About conference

This conference aims to inform participants about modern testing methods, trends, and best practices.

Trends in testing

PHP is evolving, and so is the way organizations are using it. With the increasing complexity of modern codebases, and organizations’ reliance on them, we’ve been experiencing a boom in the testing subculture of the PHP community… and we couldn’t be happier!

With amazing tools like PHPUnit, Behat, phpspec, etc… the PHP testing scene is vibrant, and maturing at break-neck speed. Let’s embrace the future, now!


With the rise of enterprise PHP projects, agile startups, and the evolution of OOP PHP, our community has been growing by leaps and bounds. PHP is now, more frequently than ever, chosen as the weapon of choice for new projects.

With this rise in popularity comes an increase in community size, and we feel it’s important that developers collaborate, share, and exchange knowledge… for our combined success.


What are you waiting for? You know you want to attend! Visit the official conference page and sign up: http://tday2014.phpsrbija.rs/#checkin