Grown-up MongoDB: Schema Design for Optimal Performance


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Excellent introduction to MongoDB

Anonymous at 11:47 on 23 May 2016

Great talk, thanks.

Thx for your talk

Thanks for your talk, very interesting.

Really good and interesting ... even if, sometimes, I have few difficulties to understand all of the speech

great talk with a lot of stuff, maybe a little hard to understand by someone who haven't try mongodb

Jérémy at 11:55 on 27 May 2016

The talk was great but for someone who already worked with Mongo I was expected more.
I was expected a more deeper dive into the "optimal performance" than "you should choose between embedded document or linked document".

Pascal MARTIN at 13:22 on 7 Jun 2016

Good presentation, useful informations. Accessible to beginners I think, and I still learnt a few things (esp. validators on collections).
I might have liked more "advanced" stuff, though, as I already use use mongodb with simple use-cases here and there.