At one time or another, every developer comes across the same problem - their application starts getting slower, then starts falling over, then isn't available at all.

Often, this comes down to too many users, too much stored data - in other words a scaling problem.

Looking at a range of options, from horizontal and vertical scaling, to caching, sharding and optimisation, Liam will discuss approaches to scaling that can be used on new applications, and also some that can be retro-fitted to existing applications.


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P Anand at 15:41 on 17 Feb 2017

Wonderful insight into application scaling. All the challenges faced were very well explained.

Great talk, based on experience:-)
I would love to know more about the technical details that you ended up with, because it was interesting:-)

Really liked the talk. I thought it was very interesting and learned quite a few things. As a side note it was nice to see someone talking about a project that gets loads of users a day which uses Laravel as well, meaning that even though that was not the intended outcome but it showed those that doubt a Laravel app can be scaled so high and high traffic.

Luis Lopes at 15:57 on 24 Feb 2017

It's always nice to hear from someone experienced in scaling (actual scaling) and handling thousands of requests in short time. Would love to hear more from Liam and his adventures at his current position and more technical details of proper scalings nor other issues he meanwhile will eventually face.