Living with Frameworks


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I really wanted too see this (I saw from twitter to twitex at phpNW: excellent) but was locked out due to overcrowding. Despite the fact I turned up 10 min early. Really, the Microsoft implementation of PHP, was it ever going to draw more then 50 people by choice?

I suspect they insisted on being on the main track due to the sponsorship.

Enjoyed this talk was good to see real world examples of the differences frameworks can have on development practices.

Solid subject and Stuart knows what he's talking about. He's got a knack for making things accessible but still interesting at different levels. Could have done with a bit more polish to give it more of a story, but I know that was down to time rather than skill!

Stuart really tried, and succeeded in telling the message that you should give frameworks a shot. It really doesn't matter which one you pick, as long as it suits your needs. Different frameworks provide different solutions all with positive and negative sides. And he discussed all of them and made the public interact with the presentation.

Great talk

A very interesting perspective on how frameworks affect the management of a development team, and a good discussion on how to adopt on where legacy code exists. Essentially a case study about Gradwells' own experience with adopting the symfony framework, it was detailed and well delivered although I felt it was a little too naive and evaneglistic about the use of frameworks. Stuart comes across as very experienced and intelligent. This was the most useful and relevant talk I attended at the conference.

Gave a nice insight into how smoothly the adoption went at Gradwell, gave me a few things to think about.