Myphp-busters: symfony framework


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Cool talk, a big improvement over your phpNW talk. More detail and more confidence.

Enjoyed hearing a good overview on symphony as I'm currently playing with Zend Framework.

Delightfully amusing but still packing a clear message. This kind of simple talk structure really brought out Stefan's love of his subject while maintaining an honest and balanced view. Definately makes me want to look more into using symphony.

Good mix of fun and facts but then I'm already a big fan of Symfony :)

The pun definitely worked and the presentation flowed nicely. The real world examples were great, but I would have like to have seen more detail on them and I think there would have been time to do that. Likewise, with the Symfony platform... but maybe that's the point, I want to go and find out more now!

Stefan did a great job with his talk about Symfony. He did it with full confidence and lots of humor. Really enjoyed it and learned a bit when he showed clear code examples and inspired me to take a look at this framework.