Hidden features - from core to PECL


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A nice selection of Johannes favourite bits of PHP, covering some stuff I didn't know. Shame there was so much code, and I'd recommend a laser pointer for the next presentation of this talk, or separate slides to highlight the bits of code being discussed. Speaker very authoritative.

Much material familiar to many of us but some useful gems in there.

I liked the fact that the talk covered advanced topics, but I would have liked more structure in the talk. Unfortunately a little bit chaotic.

I do appreciate the level of expertise the speaker brings and I hope to see more in depth talks by him.

Quite technical talk, picked up some interesting tidbits. Note to self: look up inclued. Definitely knows his stuff.

good amount of content covered.

Interesting but jumped into code too quickly, would have liked an overview/introduction to each section first.

Too much code per slide for me to take everything in.

The speaker clearly knows his stuff. Unfortunately I didn't know much about streams or MySQL polling and I couldn't make much of the exhaustive code examples because I didn't fully understand how they work at a conceptual level.

Stream of consciousness comment above hits nail on head, but many interesting ideas covered, more structure would have made it more engaging.

Reinforced some existing ideas and showed me a couple of new tricks.

I enjoyed it, but nothing groundbreaking.

Some good highlights of what's available and code to show how it can be implemented and used. Could have done with some sort of pointer to show what's what as the speaker was describing each section of code on the slides.

Covered quite a lot. Some was quite familiar but some was hearing about for first time. Definitely need to look up some more on a few things.

Covered alot of ideas. I agree some of it was a little unstructured, but found the best idea was to just make notes of what was being covered and grasp as much as possible, then go away and look it up later. Johannes' obviously knows his PHP, and I enjoyed it from a technical level. As with most reviewers, some of it I either use or know of, but some of it was completely new to me.

Interesting things came out of this talk, cramming a lot of technical info into a short space of time, room was cold with the a/c going on throughout. !

Interesting talk covering some things I knew, some things I didn't. Although the talk was slightly lacking in a clarity of flow (if that expression even makes sense but hopefully you know what I mean), it was made up for by the extensive knowledge that Johannes' clearly has about PHP. Besides you can't underestimate how hard it is to put together such a technically heavy talk and present it in an interesting and engaging way.

It is always good to see people from the "inside" sharing the knowledge!