'In search of...' - integrating site search systems


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Smart stuff. Like the overview of search engines, helps selection. Also like that it contained detailed theory as well as code samples

Good coverage of the options. Good level of detail. Thanks

Very good talk. Nice overview of search engines. Ian has good knowledge of the subject and presented well.

Definitely a lot of things to pick up and play with, good talk, good pace, good info, good times!

Super talk, ian seemed nervous, but his depth of knowledge shone through. Really good coverage of the content, was a little worried at the beginning that it'd be a cs lesson, but was proved wrong. Ian went through a large range of third party tools you can use, pros and cons, and had lots of detail on how to make your search the best it can be. Well done.

Nice clear and in-depth with the level of examples which makes live much easier at 3pm on a Friday afternoon :)

Excellent summary of stuff out there

Well covered summary of search engine techniques and technology.

Great stuff. Good coverage. Thanks.

Very useful look at full text searching options and theory presented clearly by somebody who obviously knows his stuff. Thanks Ian

Very well researched and presented, the speaker was clearly an expert on his topic, a joy to listen to.

Good overview of available solutions. Would have liked to have seen an overall comparison of available features.

A very complete survey of the tools available. Icing on top would have been more advice and stories, and there was no mention of upcoming technologies. Aimed squarely at developers looking for a solution to searching their own content.

Excellent talk. Lots of information to check out now.

One of the few speakers who gave the impression he is a real expert.

Another superb talk by the prof.
I loved the ingenuous solution for the "More like this" related document search.

Very nice. I really enjoyed the intro about search engines and how they work.

Excellent. Clear, concise and was very interesting. Covered everything I'd hoped he would cover. Was nice to see someone who knew his subject very well and the examples were very good.

Best talk of the day

Really great talk in which I learnt a lot. Ian clearly knows a scary amount about his subject and managed to present all the information in a clear and easy to follow way. Thanks Ian!

One of my favourite talks of the day. Ian appeared very knowledgeable, gave clear and concise source code examples, great ideas and information about the subject.

I personally didn't learned anything new on FTS and I would have prefer more in-depth details. I liked the style and presentation skills used -- a quality speaker and overall a very good talk.