PHP 5.3 in practise


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Best expln I've had of closures yet but will need to dive into sf2 code to properly understand injection.

Good explanations but a lot of things to remember. Food for thought

Covered some interesting new features which I still need to grok (anon functions)

Very interesting and nice explained new features to keep in mind when we start with PHP 5.3.

The first half was quite similar to last year's overview of PHP 5.3. Closures/lambdas/injectors could have been more clearly explained.

Good content, good intro to get us started

Just a recap of 5.3 features, but nice code examples and a good explanation of Dependency Injectors.

Mostly about dependency injectors. Good coverage of it though.

A good overview of some nice 5.3 features and a really good dependency injection lesson.

Bit of a repeat from last year except the DI bit. Basically trying to write the Needle (Ruby) injector in PHP. Actually there was a DI talk in 2006, so that was a repeat too, but I quibble.

Very useful points for when we start to move production servers to 5.3 later this year. Looking forward to going thought the examples in the slides when they're put up.

I enjoy Fabien's presentation style, covered a lot of material, slightly concerned that use of anon fns in code reduces readability

Dynamic speaker (he ran about a bit) maybe could have been better titled as one long usage example on dependancy injection with anon funcs took majority of time. But I enjoyed a lot.

Definately enjoyed the second part of the talk more than the first half - took some time until the "real" Fabien appeared. Can't really blame the speaker for repeating points in other peoples talks, especially when they're obviously covering the same grounds.

Good hands-on examples, thorough explanation of several key concepts, and overall enjoyable talk.

This was a step up from just outlining some of the new features of PHP 5.3, with concrete examples and a thorough presentation of dependency injection. Could maybe have been better described so people knew what to expect.

Really enjoyed the talk. The first half was quite slow, but second half picked up. I liked the presentation style and the examples were clear