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Slow paced talk. Expected this talk to cover more 'data science' methods for processing information. Instead the talk was oriented around the presenters own project.

You have an interesting app, I think but we didn't really see the guts of it. In the future, don't spend so much time on the vague introductions - get straight to the details. Keep on topic too, some of the tangents were totally unrelated and detracted from the presentation. Practice the demo a bit more, it was a bit stilted and spent too much time on trivial details (e.g scrolling through the word list) and there were awkward silences. Keep it all on one computer too.

Maybe a pattern where you alternated concept/demo would work better? I think you would have been able to show us more of the cool stuff that way.

Don't want to be over critical of a new speaker, but very slow and hard to follow. Needed more flow and less pauses/scrolling of data. Personally I expected to learn more about the science behind bid data and working with it, rather than a walk through of the speakers own application

I feel bad giving negative feedback to a first time speaker. This did not live up to my expectation. Data is so important, but I learnt nothing about big data and didn't see the value of the demo at a php conference. Despite the content the speaker spoke confidently and at good pace.

Just bad. Generic ramblings with no depth. And was that about presenting about other people and their careers?

Sat in this talk for 20 minutes, and found that I couldn't continue. By this point, there had been no real content in the talk.

Sadly lost me about 10 minutes into the talk, I know it was a first time talk but it just did not captivate me at all

I was expecting a scientific approach to methods of handling big data on the web. I feel bad giving negative feedback - but instead of giving a talk on principles of how such system would work - it would be way more interesting if we could see some code, hear about the obstacles during development and decisions behind the project. I understand it was Speaker's debut hence 2 points but I was expecting more hands on or at least scientific approach. Sorry James.

I am sorry to do this to you James, but I was bored out of my skull during your talk. Might I suggest your title is slightly misleading.

Nevertheless being a public speaker doesn't come naturally to all of us, so good job for trying.

Anonymous at 14:52 on 26 Feb 2012

Would have much preferred the talk to be about the topic of data mining and data science and and not simply an app demo. Sorry :(

Felt this was a "hey look at my half finished app" talk, rather than the theories behind in. The room was lost after about 15mins in. Sorry,

Anonymous at 10:57 on 27 Feb 2012

I actually didnt get what the topic was after listening to this.

Anonymous at 13:16 on 27 Feb 2012

Since this was the speakers first presentation I'm throwing in a comment in addition to the rating.

Very interesting topic, very poor presentation.

Too much fumbling around, looking at raw data-dumps and incomplete websites. I would definitely start off by showing the application (more polished) and clearly demonstrate what it is supposed to do, then show a clear presentation of how this was achieved. The data-dumps we kept seeing could just as easily be slides with screenshots. Also too much non-related sidetracks / personal notes.

I really hope the presentation can be whipped into shape, because I do believe it would make an interesting talk if it's wrapped and executed better.

Possibly a very interesting topic but difficult to grasp what exactly it was. I would preferred to have seen the finished product first with an explanation of what problem it solved, then the audience would have a greater appetite for how it worked and how the speaker got there.

Sorry, I have to agree with the others. Personable style but awful slides and I came away with no idea of what the speaker was trying to tell me :(