Building and deploying applications with Phing


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Confident, well- prepared speaker who gave us a good run through the workings and installation of Phing - can we have the link to your slides?

Thanks for the kind words! Slides are now available at, I will also upload the examples I discussed in the talk.

Some of the examples discussed / shown during the talk can now be found at

Anonymous at 22:12 on 27 Feb 2012

I really enjoyed the talk and to be able to have contributed to the project at the same time was great. I had been using phing and found out a few things like using it to package joomla components into zip files.

Thanks again

Warren Tucker

I've been using phing for a while but attended this talk to hear more about the detail and about the future of the project - and I got both! The slides were great, the pace was spot on, and the presenter did a really good job at telling his story. He also handled questions very well, and clearly knew his topic

Anonymous at 15:08 on 2 Mar 2012

It was excellent. I've been using Phing for a while and Igot idea that how much more I can do now.