What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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I only attended Friday - overall, a great conference! The Q&A session was really entertaining and informative, and the talks by Ian Barber and Rasmus Lerdorf were fantastic. A colleague of mine was especially pleased to snag an elephpant :)

My only winge would be over the lack of biscuits during later refreshment breaks...

Really enjoyed this year's event - well organised, good variety of talks and the food was excellent. Plus, as always, a great opportunity to meet new people, and the socials were excellent. I'd second the point about the biscuits in the subsequent breaks (rather than just the pre-conference coffee), but that's just nitpicking really.

Also enjoyed the unconference, although I only caught a few talks. These were just before lunchtime, and the catering staff were slightly noisy. Maybe a slightly louder PA setup for the unconf would be good as it was a bit hard to hear over the catering noise.

Other than those, great conference, congratulations and thanks to all involved :-)

Thanks for all the feedback so far.

Just to respond to a few issues/points:

- the registration process on the first day was not planned to go as it did - we had issues getting the name stickers printed (to go on the badges) for the regular delegates, and instead of starting the day late and making everyone wait outside while we got them done, we figured it was best to just let everyone in - we'd bought a 12-pack of Sharpies as a back-up for this very reason! We know from experience that very few people, if any, turn up without having already registered, so overall we think this was the best thing to do given what had happened.

- with the elePHPants, we didn't want to give away too many - part of their value is because of their scarcity :-)

- we did have significant amounts of attendees who were with us on Friday but not Saturday and vice versa, so we felt having some of the talks repeated was a good way to make sure they would get to see more of what they wanted. And for those attending both days, it meant you could get around some of the clashes you might have had.

- the idea of the single microphone for the panels was to stop the speakers talking over each other... but as we found out, that didn't really stop them :-)

The rest of the points made (so far) are really helpful and we'll do our best to take them on board for next year and beyond.

Anonymous at 19:38 on 26 Feb 2012

Another great PHPUK event, thanks for doing such a great job!

+ Great and interesting talks
+ Well organised
+ fun socials
+ Something for everyone with talks + unconference
+ laidback atmosphere yet still professional
- Couldn't see all slides from the back of the small rooms
- the air in the auditorium was quite bad when it filled up

Will hopefully see you all again next year:). Keep up the great work!

Really enjoyable & educational two days.

Only improvements I would add:
- Afternoon biscuits
- Microphones for all speakers on the panel

Otherwise great stuff, thanks to all who organised and volunteered

This was a very enjoyable couple of days full of interesting talks, new ideas and lovely people. It was a pleasure to volunteer.

Organisation was great and I'm sure next year will be bigger and better! :)

Afterall, it's all about scalability right?

I really enjoyed the event, it was all very well organized. The conference center did a great job (lunch served to 1000+ people in 2 days and barely any queues!), the various pubs were very well suited for conference socials and the speakers hotel was lovely. I've seen some great talks as well, although I doubt if repeating the top 5 talks on both days was such a good idea - but overall it was a great event with very good content. Well done!

Great conference!

Suggestions for the next one:

* More tables for people to sit at when eating their lunches!
* Bigger doors to the conference rooms
* Work shops!
* check names/badges on the 1st day of the conference! Paid a lot of money but nobody was bothered about checking names/badges on the 1st day.
* More Rasmus Lerdorf
* More fluffy php elephants!