Creative Coding - why ?doing nothing? doesn?t mean you?re not working


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Thoroughly enjoyed this talk, interesting to take a step back from the code to learn *why* we need to take a step back from the code, and why and how we can bring creativity in to our workflow.

June is obviously knowledgable and (as importantly) interested in the subject, which made the talk entertaining.

Congratulations June, you have covered all the aspects of this subject I expected to hear about! Good to see that your are engaged and motivated about your subject.

love the person, love the talk. Roll on world tour.

Anonymous at 21:39 on 24 Feb 2012

Awesome talk! A really refreshing and thought-provoking take on how to be better at what we do, and beautifully delivered :-)

As has been said, it was a refreshing talk but it seemed a bit insubstantial. I think I'd like to have had more in the way of hard science backing up what was said about the brain, and more practical advice for how to run a team in a creativity-friendly way. Also perhaps some examples of how creative thinking has benefited individuals and their work.

Anonymous at 22:56 on 24 Feb 2012

A good talk, but because you were *very* nervous it made it hard to follow in some places. I hope you practice talking more and become comfortable in public speaking.

I don't know if this was the presenter's first talk? I thought it had gems of useful information in it but they were a little 'spread out'. The presenter started off so confidently only to suffer from nerves half way through.

Some interesting concepts / explanations but this talk needed to be shorter or have additional information added to support some of the lulls. Can't help but feel 15-20 minutes could have covered all that was said here.

I really enjoyed the talk. I read the pragmatic learning and thinking book and it was good to see concepts from here applied to coding.

Very interesting points but felt it drifted a bit at times. It has inspired me to think to look into this further.

Slightly slow start and nerves were showing. However, the pace picked up later as did the more direct relation to how this affecting coding. Especially at the end when you were answering questions, much more engaging. I would probably compress the beginning of the talk and focus more on how this affects the flow of work and ideas for making yourself more productive by switching into the right modes.

Anonymous at 14:54 on 26 Feb 2012

An excellent topic, learnt a lot of stuff. I could say June was very nervous and that's why it's 3 stars. A lot of things being repeated all over again and I am fairly sure with a little bit more practice and rehearsals it will be an excellent talk. It was great to see a completely non technical talk and please submit it to other conferences as it will be a real success. Try to make smooths transitions between slides and try not to look at them so much - presenter view will help at the start. I really likes the start when you tried to engage the audience and keep them focused - really good stuff.

Was definitely worth to come and see, great talk, Congratulations June!

Anonymous at 19:28 on 27 Feb 2012

This is to balance out the cowardly anonymous 1-star rating. —Aral