Data Abstraction In Large Web Applications


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Well presented with an interesting insight from someone with large scale issues.

Really enjoyed the presentation style. Clean and clear delivery with lots enthusiasm. Based all recommendation on real world examples but was open and honest about learning experiences.

Although not a lot of technical content it was good to have these concepts re-affirmed based on a real app of this scale.

Really interesting talk, good presence.

I think the overall message was clear in this talk, abstract your persistence layer and don't assume you're going to be running of an SQL database when you need to scale. Sound advice to introduce a seam at this layer in your software.

I thought the speaker was confident but could have used more in depth examples and code to provide weight and clarity about how to implement this abstraction. As one delegate pointed out in the talk, no mention of common persistence patterns like DataMapper or others.

Good talk. Slides and talking points were simple and to the point. Good to hear about the failures as well as the successes.

Always happy to hear Brandon speak and this time was no exception. The talk finished quite early despite valiant efforts by the audience to keep asking questions but other than that it was very practical and very geeky! Loved the real-world stories