PHP 5.4: The New Bits


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Great talk. Looking forward to the new bits.

Very good talk. A very knowledgable and confident speaker. Looking forward to getting the slides, hope they are posted somewhere.

For a guy I heard talking at lunch that you still get nervous doing these talks it didn't show. What did show and that I knew already is that you know your PHP inside and out and I definitely knew more about 5.4s offerings with a greater understanding at the end of the talk. I'll be checking out the blog posts later.

Good talk from a guy who was obviously very experienced / well prepared. Really good that there were also suggested uses for the new features, along with potential pitfalls.

Great talk that absolutely did the job it set out to do. The way you solved "the slide" problem is something I'll consider doing myself:). Thanks!

Enjoyed your talk, looking forward to hearing you speak next year!

Did not see the whole talk as I have left after a while and went to unconf track. Mostly because whatever Davey was saying I knew already and during that time I found nothing new. Saying that still a good talk for those who did not look at PHP 5.4 so far with a lot of examples and explanations.

Very good talk, and agree wholeheartedly on the comments about the confidence of the speaker. The bullet points were well presented, and the slide idea was really good. Alo liked that there were lots of easy to understand code examples. Just enough to understand it, and to want to go play with it.

Wasn't convinced by intentionally not presenting points on slides. I find it useful to be talked through a list in order. But the info was top notch, a good introduction to the changes in PHP 5.4.

An excellent talk. Lots of detailed technical content. Thanks Davey.