Advanced JavaScript Techniques for Modern Web Applications


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Unfortunately a bit too fast because the lack of time.

Not very well structured, all of the time it seemed like jumping from one subject to another.
Besides that, we saw some cool stuff.

Nice introduction to tools but talk jumped around too much.

Interesting mashup demonstrated and clearly delivered, but it felt like it was covering too much ground to give each element of the presentation the attention deserved.

good stuff, but too fast

It was definitely fast, not instructive as such - but I think it was really good to see a different kind of development to what most of us do, and a fast-paced top-down approached worked well for that.

The structure didn't really make sense, felt like a random collection of tech. Nothing really new for me here either. I'm guessing if you'd had the full time thing may have been different. It was also hard to hear in the other room.

Talk focused too much on the details, and that forced the very quick pace of the talk. Perhaps reorganizing it on show the code as slides (and not the actual code), and demo the examples would had allowed for a more paced talk.

Good stuff all in all.

Fast-paced yes, but I did enjoy seeing the code in action.

A good introduction to some new technologies.

It was a good talk but it felt like Bastian was trying to fit in a talk twice as long as the time he was given.

Calling the talk "Modern Javascript frameworks to make your life easier" or something would have made a lot more sense. The talk only covered different frameworks to build an application, and I had expected a lot more than a demo of frameworks from a talk called "Advanced JavaScript Techniques for Modern Web Applications".

I was probably guilty of not reading the extract, but the title "Advanced JavaScript Techniques ..." promised much about structuring code, low-level advances in the field of JS etc. However, it was primarily just a talk on Meteor.js; as such there was just too much detail in there.

As the previous commenter (Knut) says, the title might have been better if it mentioned frameworks or "An Introduction to Meteor"

Apart from that, Sebastian clearly knew what he was presenting, and he came across informatively.

Some cool ideas I hadn't come across before, glad to have been there.

I enjoyed it - felt a bit rushed sure, but a fair bit of ground was covered

I agree with Knut Eirik Leira Hjelle, this was a whistle-stop tour of some modern JS frameworks, not a talk about advanced JS techniques. Disappointing.