API Design: It's not Rocket Surgery


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Anonymous at 14:00 on 22 Feb 2013

Best talk of the day so far!

A good talk going over the real considerations when building an api. Clear and concise. Only down side was not that of the speaker the choice of room made it a requirement to have a video stream into another room which at times lost signal.

Awesome overview on a complex topic, went by a bit quick for me.

Guy really knows his stuff, enjoyed a clear and concise explanation with reasoning on various aspects of API design and answered many of my questions as well as validated some of my own assertions ;)

Great overview and how-to

Good insight to a valuable area

For me this talk seemed to gloss over a lot of REST principles without going into many examples of how to do it. Some things, like version numbers in URLs were mentioned without backing up why (another talk said the opposite on this topic). Also the venue didn't help. Too many people in too small a space unfortunately. I was stuck in the second room so may well have lost some of the finer points due to being sat on the floor.

Enjoyed this talk. I thought the points were backed up well with reasoning.

Anonymous at 22:41 on 24 Feb 2013

Nothing special imo

Dave covered a lot of content in a short period of time; while the delivery was perhaps a little too fast it contained a lot of good, solid, sensible stuff.

Lacked any real practical examples, otherwise a good talk

The talk covered a lot of information in a short time, so it was a little fast. It was all interesting stuff though, and I picked-up a few good tips.