Looking Ahead: PHP 5.5


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Very interesting talk delivered very confidently. Good to hear on some of the additions that are coming and the changes in release cycle. Now lets get that rfc started for removing goto (sorry Sara)

Nothing particularly new that hasn't been blogged on before and in more detail, but useful to get a summary of the key new features all in a single session; and a quick look into some of the rfc discussions for the future of PHP

Informative and candid talk about not just what is coming up in 5.5, but how we got to this point and why.

Open and honest information about the future of php. Thank you

Good explanation of the current PHP release schedule and future features of PHP

Nothing that I couldn't have googled but really interesting to hear it from the horses mouth and understand a bit more of how and why. Well presented talk.

Great session

A good presentation of what's coming up; interesting to get more background on the Password API which suddenly looks more useful to me.

I'm not sure I liked some of the news that was delivered, but perhaps that's more to take up with the Core team as a whole...

I found the Q&A more informative than the talk itself, given that I'd already read about most of the new features described. It was good to hear about the plans for integration of an opcode cache though; that was news to me. All-in-all an interesting talk.