Pair Programming, TDD and Other Impractical Things


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At times difficult to understand, but very enthusiastic. Interesting and valuable, good humour.

Excellent speaker, great content

Really loved this, I'm going to make this happen now! Quite the inspirational speaker!! :D

Awesome talk, excellent speaker

Anonymous at 15:29 on 22 Feb 2013

Great talk, any chance of a link to the Batman meme for our office wall. It would act as a great reminder to all.

My best talk of the day so far. Funny, clever, inspired, energetic and engaging. It's made me want to write tests!

Very motivational talk.. good presentation.

Excellent talk

Anonymous at 16:22 on 22 Feb 2013

Great talk!
Really interesting!

A brilliant, funny and informative talk from Marcello. He makes the case for test driven development really easy to understand, and had some nice practical tips on how best to approach it in projects.

Marcello is insane, but brilliant. Very informative talk, and will definitely be taking a lot of it back to the office.

Very good talk with some hilarious moments and a fantastic speaker.

Personally, I didn't have any problems comprehending him and the talk was very inspiring to push to use TDD everywhere.

Anonymous at 11:18 on 23 Feb 2013

As usual, inspiring presentation by the BDD king. Full of enthusiasm, passion and excitement. Really great points on how to do proper TDD

One of the best talks! Great sense of humour and lots of insights.

Great presentation, very inspiring.

Can anyone equal this guy's passion? I doubt it. It's true, it's all too easy to say that so many tough concepts are 'Impractical'.....completely agree. So, it's it anyway. Maybe a tiny bit too fast, but I'm guessing that goes with the passion. Inspirational presenter. More please!

If only all talks were this inspirational

Best talk of the conference for me. Lots of inspiring and thought provoking material. However the answer to the final delegate question about relating TDD to BDD confused the hell out of me - TDD (BDD) is TDD done right, no... what?!

Excellent presentation. TDD is definitely the way to go although pair programming is much harder to sell although the idea makes lots of sense.

Very good, inspirational talk.

Brilliant talk, and hugely entertaining while being very informative.

As above.. entertaining and informative

Very inspirational stuff

I attended this talk expecting to agree with most of the points, and perhaps pick up a couple of arguments I could use to encourage the adoption of TDD at work; for it to be interesting, but not noteworthy.

It was far from noteworthy; this was the best talk I attended on Friday (I didn't attend the conference on Saturday). Marcello's approach of knocking-down the most common arguments against practising TDD was inspirational, and the fact that he did it in such a humourous and engaging way made the talk a joy to listen to. Great stuff!

Best talk on day 1 of php uk 2013, hands down. It was very well delivered, with some appointments of humor but always focusing on the importance of TDD, emergent design and good development practices.

One of the best talks of the conference. Great content, great slides, very passionate speaker. I always enjoy listening to Marcello.