PHP 5.NEXT: The New Bits


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Not a lot of material, as PHP 5.6 won't be a big release; but well presented and with some good examples.

There's not much that I'm likely to use - possibly variadics, but aside from "by reference" and "typehinting", it doesn't add much that can't be done using func_get_args() already; but a couple of interesting "heads up" for what might appear in PHP 5.7.

Good to see some nice new features coming and another open source alternative.

Very enjoyable and well written given the fact that Davey must have submitted before 5.6 features were released. Some features look really interesting (the debug magic method and variadics), and discussion on HHVM is always interesting.

Anonymous at 17:01 on 22 Feb 2014

A solid look into upcoming features and also some HHVM & ReactPHP.

I enjoyed your talk last year as well Davey, and this one was also excellent.

Thank you

Anonymous at 17:26 on 23 Feb 2014

Anonymous at 20:09 on 23 Feb 2014

Even though the talk was good I think speakers should have enought material for the time they are given, and the talk was only 30 minutes talk.

I think the talk was great I learnt a lot about what is in the latest versions of PHP, because honestly I hadn't kept myself updated. Davey clearly had a lot of experience on the topic - Which showed even more with his great answers in the Q&A, which filled out the rest of his slot when he finished the talk early.

I think it is great when a speaker can anticipate the crowd so well so they know about how much time they will need for questions because there were a lot of them, which meant even more interesting unplanned content got into the talk.