Profiling PHP Applications


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Very good talk, lots of great content and ideas; also very up-to-date.

After Q&A we got an extra bonus slide deck with even more great things to implement.

Definitely an expert on performance.

Great talk. Perfect mix of advice, ideas, content and examples. Picked up lots of good tips. Good q&a and bonus slides too.

Up to date info and really relevant too.

Anonymous at 16:59 on 22 Feb 2014

Great talk. Very practical and useful advice & brilliant demonstrations.

Solid and practical. Probably will try out some of the tools advertised.
One remark. Bonus slides were good, if not for the speed we would've missed them. :)

Anonymous at 10:00 on 24 Feb 2014

Great talk.

Excellent excellent talk, pitched perfectly and very well delivered.Took so much good info away from this. Thanks Bastian!

Good selection of tools and I loved the pre-prepared screenshots so lightly dismissed in favour of real demo for each of the recommended tools. You also covered the why as well as the how, I learned some new tricks and enjoyed watching you speak (even in quite a tricky low-ceilinged room)

Anonymous at 13:20 on 15 Apr 2014

Very clear. Thank you!