The Seven Deadly Sins of Dependency Injection


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Anonymous at 11:37 on 21 Feb 2014

Solid talk, learned something.

Anonymous at 11:39 on 21 Feb 2014

Only the basics, i expected more advanced stuff

Anonymous at 11:39 on 21 Feb 2014

Nice talk. The bad examples while not related to the sins were pretty good.

Well done on the recovery of the screen issue.

Good talk, despite some technical problems at first. Confirmed some of my own thoughts on DI, which is good.

A great talk about DI, with interesting points on both implementation and some common pitfalls which are worth avoiding.
Would have been nice to have a little intro about DI frameworks, or a single slide about the basic DI containers.

There were technical issues on the first part of the talk which broke up the flow. Stephan coped with this well and carried on to give an informative overview of several approaches and pitfalls of dependency management. Very clear and engaging speaker.

Anonymous at 12:02 on 21 Feb 2014

Decent talk, with some technical problems in the beginning.

Would probably be good to give a brief overview / example of usage of DI for people unfamiliar with it.

Great talk. Shame about the technology issues.

Great talk, thought provoking and professionally given despite technical issues early on

A couple of technical issues but it did not affect the quality of the talk too adversely.

Very good presentation of the common pitfalls of using dependency injection. Good presentation skills specially when overcoming the technical issues at the first part of it.

Anonymous at 09:15 on 22 Feb 2014

A mature approach by someone who very obviously has a careful interest in this subject. Coped very well with a technical issue as well. A good speaker.

Nicely opinionated overview of DI. Coped well with major tech issues.

Coped well with unfortunate screen issues, I thought, and the content was very good, pitched at the right level for me, and well delivered.

One comment on the room, not the talk, for next year (if it's here again). It's frequently really hard to see the bottom half of the screen, so slides can be tricky to follow. I'd suggest speakers next year in that room try and restrict the main content to the top half of each slide - I realise that'll make it tricky, but I'd prefer flicking back and forwards between slides and be able to read them.

Anonymous at 09:27 on 23 Feb 2014

Anonymous at 17:26 on 23 Feb 2014

Great presenter, kept his cool while technical problems, very experienced and I can't argue with anything that was presented.

On the downside it was quite basic, at least for me.
Secondly such an experienced guy should have more prepared examples to support his theories. I know that you could think of something, because there were reasons behind everything that the presenter said :)

It's hard to make such a dry topic interesting but Stephan managed. Even with the tech problems (protip: try shouting at it), it was a really nice talk on the basics of DI. I think it's a great way to introduce DI to people who never really used it before, and this talk deserves a follow-up talk on some of the more advanced stuff (i think a lot of attendees probably agree with this).

The tech problems were handled correctly (I think not a lot of speakers would actually know what to do when a beamer stops functioning, including myself).

The projector issue was very frustrating. When you go to a professional talk you don't expect these kind of problems. The only negative point with regards to the content was that it lacked some more advanced aspects of DI, which I was expecting.

Excellent talk, confirmed most of my own assumptions about the good and bad parts of DI.

A few technical issues at the beginning which were coped with well. Nothing fazed Stephan and he continued on to give a proficient talk.

Enjoyed this, despite projector not working. Confirmed a few suspicions I'd had about DI.Good speaker with solid grasp of his subject area.

This was a solid talk, especially considering the technical issues which Stephan faced, and that they were not of his making. I've been learning as much as I can about DI over the last few months and this talk really helped me continue rounding out my knowledge and build my confidence with the topic. A great speaker with excellent knowledge of the subject matter.

Strong talk and the speaker coped well with some minor/major technical issues. The theme was amusing but I'm not sure it fitted in with the content very well.

The contents of the talks were great and thought-provoking. Their relevance to the title was somewhat weak. And the technical issues, I'd expect, should have been tested/resolved before the talk.

Anonymous at 10:58 on 27 Apr 2014

Great talk, Thanks!!!

Anonymous at 22:40 on 3 May 2014

I think the examples provided could be better, didn't like the use of (Auth, Logger, Service) being used throughout the talk.