Unbreakable Domain Models


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Great talk! Clear and insightful with some nice tricks to build a well structured domain model.

Well presented talk with some good ideas to take away.

Talk of the day for me, solidified some things I didn't realise I knew, and introduced new patterns too.

I really enjoyed the talk. I haven't used the Specification pattern before but its certainly something I will consider using in the future. Its clear from Mathias talks that he has experienced many legacy PHP codebases. Its great that the PHP community has someone sharing their expertise in the DDD arena and how it can be applied to PHP codebases. I will also consider using more Value objects in my code going forward.

Interesting talk, but could have been presented in a more dynamic / interesting way. All being said, it complemented the previous DI talk.

Great talk, if anyone is thinking about DDD in PHP then Mathias is the person to pay attention to. Following what he says is going to improve your code no end!

Good talk overall. Bit disruptive to take questions during the talk but some spots did require it. Not sure I would want to implement this pattern myself but I can see how it would be handy.

Started with a few basics, and then showed a few ideas/patterns that I hadn't thought of and will definitely try to apply. Good use of examples, good overall clarity and pace.

I think mid-talk Q&A was actually a good idea, although perhaps could be made slightly more clear. This is just a very small feedback though and not worth knocking a star off.

Great talk.

Agree with @Luis Ferro

Fantastic talk with a very passionate speaker. Speaking to people afterwards quite a few had 'lightbulb moments' during it.

Good talk, a good bit to think about, some to disagree a bit with (or at least not do in the same way).

The bit about testing SQL near the end was interesting; the example showing hard-coded SQL seems like a bad practice. Perhaps the example could/should show either just a comment // do something SQLish here... // or suggest a more OO approach to SQL building.

Related to that, the example showing the test of the SQL demonstrated that the two approaches (SQL vs code) are consistent, but not correct (i.e. they may both return the same, wrong result). To be a little more complete a test comparing the returned result to a known good result would be a minor addition.

@ Matt Parker
The unit tests for the specification prove correctness. The query comparison proves consistency. The combination covers everything.

Good, well structured talk, appreciated the starting off simple and building up complication as more domain expert input was added.

I love the hands on approach, going over the actual code and evolving the design while explaining the process. This was probably my favourite talk of the conference with lots to take away and try for myself. Would have liked a little more fleshing out of the example if there was more time, and perhaps not all of the terminology was so obvious. Overall it was useful, insightful and most of all practical! Great stuff.

Anonymous at 20:20 on 22 Feb 2014

A very OO approach, not handy everywhere, but it's nice to know the idea.
SQL inside objects might be bad practice, still the author had his reasons and knew how to support them by arguments.

I would prefer to see something like this using an example framework so that a presenter could show using a strict OO pattern with the framework's limitations.

Loved this talk, probably the best one of the conference for me in terms of relevance and technical detail. More next year please!

Good talk. Expressing business rules in the language of the business ... good idea.

Brave talk, one of the few talks where code was presented.

A brilliant talk by an experienced developer. It confirmed a few thoughts that I had been having about code I write. It also introduced me to some other ideas which I shall be playing with when I see the need.

Trying to express code in the language of the business was a nice idea and is something I'll be attempting.

This was a great talk which challenged some of my preconceptions, and greatly expanded on my knowledge of the subject. Mathias delivered the talk with passion, clarity and insight. Definitely worth it.

Anonymous at 12:54 on 26 Feb 2014

This talk was full of great ideas. I am going to try ObjectValue on my projects as well, I hope it will make it easier.

Would love to see specific implementation with Doctrine and Symfony forms and validations.

Great talk! Well presented, good code examples, and some very good tricks.

Anonymous at 02:25 on 1 May 2014

Great presentation, I learned alot. I have problems regarding integrity and didn't like using ifs and such everywhere and Mathias Verraes provided what seems the best way to tackle this. Interestingly enough I didn't know what the talk was going to be about. Coincidence?