Be a Bold Coder


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A lot of time is spent on bare essentials that most people know: coding standards, rtfm, asking/giving help.

The speaker was engaging & enthusiastic, encourage more work on the talk because it's a great idea.

A great talk covering the getting started basics. Although my expectation was that the talk would be more about contributing to open source, getting code review from the community and overcoming the stigma that some developers feel towards contribution to open source

Anonymous at 14:28 on 20 Feb 2015

I really enjoyed this, plenty of resources to take away and put into real life use. For me, this was a call to action and a launchpad for trying to further my development.

Although it would have been nice to see the topics covered in more detail and at some points felt like a list of links, Beth is a great speaker and the talk is a great reference point of reference for further knowledge development. Will definitely be looking through the slides again.

Speaker was fantastic, but I felt that a lot of talks have been done about this, and that this one didn't really teach my anything new.

Maybe some more depth and less on a subject?

The content was fairly basic, so maybe not for everyone - but I can definitely see it being useful for newer developers and helping them take their first steps into collaborative work.

I did feel like some of this talk overlapped with the Yitz keynote, but that is an organisational error and not a speaker error.

I also did feel like I missed some more emotional tips and tricks on how to deal with having to show other people my code, based on the abstract I expected more than a list of tools, which I'm afraid gives this talk one less thumb and something that can be worked on for next time, it felt a bit too "listy" and missing a red thread that makes a five thumb talk for me.

Presentation style was spot on, don't ever change your presentation style <3

Rather than working a single point and the theory behind it, this lecture covered several tools and approaches to help create and keep code in a presentable and effective state.

Several of the tools touched on look easy to implement and I took a lot from this that I hope to have implemented at my work place.

Very community-oriented, also. The details on how to find the most effective help was of particular interest.

As a speaker, I'd one day like to one dat come close to the level of calmness displayed by Beth. I also liked seeing a more introductory level talk. The PHP community is very diverse, this talk acknowledges that. While I'm pretty sure many of the audience knew at least 50%, there were a few gems in there for everybody. Giving an objective reason to coding styles was also refreshing.

Really enjoyed the talk. I found that whilst other talks were "heavier", this one hit me where it counts. It gave the best argument for the need to ever being a better developer, for raising the proverbial bar, for encouraging excellence. That it was complimented by so many great resources made it perfect.

Anonymous at 17:48 on 12 Apr 2015

Your voice is amazing!