Build RESTful APIs easily with Symfony


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Anonymous at 16:25 on 20 Feb 2015

An uninspiring attempt at explaining the basics of REST and Symfony to a room full of people who already understand it.

Anonymous at 19:22 on 20 Feb 2015

No structure, no attempt to engage the audience whatsoever, had so much potential and could have been a good thing to cover.

Sorry, but the talk was too boring and .. it was like being back in a classroom. I almost feel bad for not taking notes for the exam.

ok talk, missing details about Richardson maturity level achieved. Language level was lacking but understandable due to being from France. Good effort in any case.

Anonymous at 01:00 on 21 Feb 2015

nothing to say...

I didn't feel like the speaker was enthusiastic or passionate about the subject so it was difficult for me to feel engaged.

Anonymous at 09:08 on 21 Feb 2015

Anonymous at 13:05 on 21 Feb 2015

Sarah covered all the main topics and clearly has a good understanding but the talk was a little dry and perhaps lacked enthusiasm.

Anonymous at 22:54 on 21 Feb 2015

I'm sorry, but this just didn't work for me - there was absolutely no connection with the audience and the talk seemed pitched at the completely wrong level - the content seemed aimed at hardcore Fielding-level REST-heads who already know what the Richardson maturity model is and why you'd want to use HATEOAS and things like that.

What the audience in the room really wanted was something more along the lines of the Apigility talk I think - something more like an actual run through of how to use the bundles on a day-to-day basis and some tips/tricks.

Anonymous at 15:49 on 22 Feb 2015

Anonymous at 22:18 on 22 Feb 2015

I had such high hopes for this, but the delivery lacked enthusiasm and (for me personally) the wrong areas were covered. I know about RESTful state, but not Symphony and this talk went into a lot more detail about REST and assumed you knew a lot about Symphony...

Sorry, I really hate giving 1 stars, but I haven't left a talk mid way through before....

I thought it was un-engaging, presented badly (felt like a class room lecture). I don't have anything further to add than the other comments above.

I think that for me this talk suffered for two main reasons

a) The introduction to Apigility one earlier in the day was much more exciting, as it showed how easy writing a RESTful API can be - in comparison, the technologies presented here seemed to make the job really quite arduous in comparison

b) The presentation style wasn't as engaging as other talks and I struggled to maintain concentration.

These two points aside, I have a lot of respect for anyone that stands and presents complex subjects like this to a group of peers - and there was no doubting your knowledge and experience in this area.

Anonymous at 12:31 on 23 Feb 2015

This had the potential to be a very informative talk from somebody working at the company producing Symfony. Unfortunately it was mostly about using FOS Rest bundle rather than any useful things about Symfony. The delivery was monotone and uninspiring I'm afraid to say and anybody who's spent some time working on Symfony doing Restful stuff, offered nothing new. To be fair, the speaker did ask "Who knows Symfony? Who knows Rest?" and when virtually the whole audience raised their hands asked "Why are you here then?!". Very good point.

Look guys, I get the point. I tried the best I could as I had the flu. I came on stage even if I had fever, headaches and bad cough.

I chose to not speak about my health on stage to focus on the presentation of my work and do it entirely.

I understand your disapointment, I'll work harder to do better next time if I get the chance to. But for now, please, try to acknowledge that there was work behind this talk and a will of doing this properly.

Some of you are comparing my talk to Rob Allen's : I'm a beginner at speaking at international conferences and I think it's kinda of void as he is way more experimented and talking about a different topic.